What kind of products does SMT provide?

SMT focuses on providing the best medical products and services for customers. From Personal Protective Equipment to dental supplies, you will find many world-class products at Sumer Med Tech.

How reliable is SMT's customer service?

The customer service at SMT is not only professional but also friendly and prompt in response. SMT prioritizes the comfort and experience of its customers. For this reason, the medical supply store makes it essential to tackle the needs of its customers. SMT values the overall experience of its customers.

Can I depend on the delivery of SMT?

Yes, you can rely on the delivery that SMT provides its customers. You can enjoy free, prompt delivery. Also, the company can help you check on your inventory every two weeks. This will make it possible that you can monitor your inventory.

Does SMT have a branch in San Diego?

Yes, Sumer Med Tech has a branch in the city of San Diego. You can contact them via mobile phones on (619) 751-4032. Besides this, there is also a branch in Arizona that can attend to your needs.

How reliable are the products offered by SMT?

SMT products are reliable. To meet the demands of their customers, SMT provides top-quality products without failing. This is echoed by the positive reviews that the medical store has been able to gather.