Industries We Serve

Supporting All Industries

Sumer Med Tech is the number one provider of medical supplies to different markets. What makes us stand out is our highest-quality products offered at reasonable prices. Over the years, our clients consider Sumer Med Tech as their partner that can help them deliver the best services.

Our company understands how important it is to keep your inventory updated. Part of our protocol is to check on our clients every two weeks, making sure that your inventory is updated.

We’ve catered to different businesses from different industries including restaurants, dental clinics, and hospitals. Among the items we’ve offered to our customers include personal protective equipment, vials, and dental supplies to name a few.

Restaurants & Food

Food sanitation in restaurants and the food industry is a crucial part of their operations. Sumer Med Tech has provided several restaurants with medical-grade products that helped them meet food sanitation standards.

Dental Industry

We have a variety of products that can help dental clinics offer the best services to their patients. We offer surgical aspirator tips, gloves, and other medical supplies that could come in handy in their dental procedures.


Sumer Med Tech has supplied different medical supplies to different healthcare facilities including big hospitals. We offer top-quality face shields, nitrile gloves, and full body suits, along with foot and eye protection as part of our personal protective equipment set.

Mechanical & Automotive

We also offered our products to the automotive industry providing them with medical-grade supplies that can help protect them from different hazards such as fumes, and debris that could reach the eyes.

Schools & Childcare

Promoting safety in school is the number one priority of teachers and school administrators. We’ve provided different medical supplies to schools including medical masks that can prevent the spread of airborne diseases within the childcare facility.


Clients offering janitorial services deal with all sorts of materials that could pose a threat to the worker’s health. With Sumer Med Tech, clients offering janitorial services will have the confidence to perform their duties.