Bernardo Williams


We all want products that can meet our needs. That is safe to assume. Sumer Meds has provided me with products with good prices for value. Before SMT, I hadn't been able to get the right products that could satisfy my needs. Once I was referred to them by a friend, I've been getting my money's worth from the products they supply me.

Jack Walcott


It is safe to affirm that Sumer Med Tech is one of the best medical supply stores around. From dental supplies to personal protective equipment, the products and services they deliver are top-notch. The best companies are revered based on the way they handle their relationship with customers. SMT is no different. For them, customers' satisfaction is the priority.

Vivian Scaloni


From the very time I contacted Sumer Med Technology, I knew that I had found the right path to embrace. It has been wonderful since then. Not only the products I get from them are exceptional. The quality of service they offer me is world-class. Thank you Sumer Med for being a reliable partner over the past couple of years.

Andy Wawrinka


SMT is a company that is easy to reach out to. Their customer support team is friendly and responsive. They understand the value of customers' satisfaction and they do all they can to meet their needs. They have surpassed my expectations. I'll gladly recommend Sumer Med Tech to anyone who needs top quality, offered at competitive prices.

Serena Rodgers


There are lots of problems that I've been able to solve, thanks to the top quality of the products SMT provides for me. They have never failed in the quality of service they deliver. Working with them is very easy. The way they handle relationships with their partners is exceptional. I couldn't wish for a better partner to provide me with medical supplies.