Janitorial Supplies

Supplying PPE to All Industries

Sumer Med Tech is the trusted medical supply store of different industries including companies offering janitorial services. We understand the demand of different businesses from cleaning companies. There are instances when cleaners are exposed to chemicals and dirty surfaces that could cause illnesses or even injuries.

Our company believes in the importance of janitorial services in keeping facilities clean and hygienic. But to perform their duties, it is equally important that janitorial personnel feel confident that they are protected.

We offer high-quality products that customers can rely on especially when they are dealing with things that require an extra layer of protection.

Sumer Med Tech has provided janitorial companies with a variety of personal protection equipment products that can come in handy in performing janitorial responsibilities. With our products, users can perform their duty faster and with peace of mind, not worrying about possible microorganisms that they could pick up while doing their job.


Trusted Partner of Cleaners

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the number one supplier of medical supplies among hospitals and dental clinics. But what most people don’t know is that we also cater to janitorial companies.

Part of our PPE products includes different types of gloves. We offer both vinyl and nitrile gloves as an option for our customers. But these days, we notice a growing number of customers going for latex-free nitrile gloves. This hypoallergenic option is seen as a better choice by a lot of customers nowadays.

Sumer Med Tech is today’s top choice among janitorial companies not only because we offer unbeatable prices and high-quality products. But also, we provide the best customer service. Whether you’re making a small or big order, you can guarantee that Sumer Med Tech is here to help. Every customer we have considers Sumer Med Tech as their reliable source of medical supplies.