Restaurant & Food Service Supplies

Your Partner for Food Safety

From restaurants to food processing plants, these businesses need to prioritize food safety at any cost. The last thing that restaurants want is to have a bad review or a lawsuit from one of their customers. Good thing we have everything the food business needs to serve food the right way. Food safety precautions can keep customers safe. In addition to this, it can also maximize the longevity of food products by reducing wastage.

Food safety pertains to the proper food preparation and storage that prevent microorganisms from becoming a problem. But to make sure that everything is safe, employees need to have the proper personal protective equipment to keep everything sanitary.

As your trusted medical supply store, you can expect the highest quality medical supplies that can keep your food safe for human consumption. We also offer free delivery to our clients. Plus, you can expect the best customer service from Sumer Med Tech.

For us, we make sure that you get the medical supplies that you need on time. And whether you’re making a small or a big order, Sumer Med Tech makes sure that you get the best experience with us. If it is your first time, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Sumer Med Tech is your partner in food safety. We can help guide you choose the right product for your needs.


Supporting Restaurants

Sumer Med Tech is the number one medical supplier in San Diego and other surrounding areas. We provided medical supplies to different companies including those in the food industry. Over the years, we’ve helped top restaurants and food processing plants meet sanitary standards set by different agencies in the US.

Our company offers a wide variety of products that can cater to the food industry’s daily operations. We have supplied medical-grade supplies such as vinyl gloves and ASTM level 3 face masks.

What makes us the top medical supplier is our wide array of products at reasonable prices and superior customer service. To make sure that our clients don’t run out of medical supplies, we follow up every two weeks to ask for your order.