Dental Supplies

Helping Dentists Deliver the Best Care

Dental clinics need a variety of things to get their practice running. It can be demanding given the highest standard of care expected from them.

Medical supplies such as cotton rolls to patient bibs are just some of the things that dentists need to make sure that everything stays neat and hygienic during dental procedures. With Sumer Med Tech, you can have these medical and dental supplies delivered to your clinic for free and on time.

We also sell high-quality personal protective equipment that can help maintain asepsis during the procedure. Plus, all these meet the highest standard making sure that dentists are protected at all times. We offer the best prices for disposable isolation gowns, blue bouffant caps, vinyl exam gloves, and masks just to name a few.


The Dental Industry

Sumer Med Tech is the most trusted medical supply store of top dentists in San Diego and other surrounding areas. Our company stands out not just with the products we offer but with our top-notch customer service, as well. We are dependable regardless if you’re running a big or a small dental practice.

Sumer Med Tech is your one-stop medical supplies provider for dental clinics. We offer a wide variety of dental supplies that can help dentists deliver the best dental care to their patients. You can buy our personal protective equipment such as gloves and goggles. We also have supplies for diagnostics such as vials.

Dental clinics have the option to choose from a variety of sterile gloves whether you prefer vinyl exam gloves or nitrile examination gloves.

We can become your partner in your dental practice. Our company can provide you with the highest quality product for a good price. Plus, we even give discounts to our regular customers.