Supplying Personal Protective Equipment to All Industries

Providing Medical Supplies to All Industries

Sumer Med Tech is a company that has offered some of the best medical supplies in the market today. Our company is known for having top-notch products that could meet the highest standards and help different industries with their requirements. What most people know is that we only cater to hospitals, dental clinics, and small healthcare facilities. But in reality, we’ve become a partner for different businesses including restaurants and the automotive and mechanical businesses to name a few.

Restaurants & Food Industry

Sumer Med Tech has catered to different restaurants and food businesses. We’ve provided the necessary masks, gloves, and other medical supplies that allowed them to serve food in a sanitary manner. With the constant need for sanitization and a clean workspace to pass health and safety protocols, Sumer Med Tech has been a steady supplier of personal protective equipment to the restaurant & food industry.

Automotive/Mechanical Workforce

Another industry that we cover is the automotive and mechanical industries. Both industries require protection considering the workers’ exposure to oil and other substances that can irritate the skin. Products such as gloves, goggles, and masks can limit the exposure to dangerous toxins and hazardous substances while working.

Dental & Hospitals

We cater to a lot of dental clinics providing dentists not just with PPE but also other things that they’ll need for their day-to-day operations. We provide supplies such as surgical aspirator tips and vials for collecting samples. Sumer Med Tech also offers full protective aprons, headwear, and more essentials for staying clean and healthy in the medical industry. We’ve partnered with hospitals and healthcare facilities providing them with an array of medical supplies that can come in handy in different parts of the hospital. Summer Med Tech has offered products for the operating room, laboratory, and wards.


Sumer Med Tech believes in the importance of sanitation. And without janitorial services, we couldn’t imagine what facilities would look like. Clients offering janitorial services deal with all sorts of materials that could pose a threat to the worker’s health. We’ve provided personal protection equipment products to janitorial companies allowing their employees to do their job with more confidence.

Childcare & Schools

And lastly, we have supplied schools and childcare facilities. Ever since the resumption of face-to-face classes, schools have prioritized safety in classrooms. Common items ordered by schools include masks, but also, schools typically order gloves and other items that could come in handy in a school clinic.

Sumer Med Tech is the company that can help you with your medical supplies requirement, regardless if you are regularly getting large or small orders from us. Once you’ve become a customer, you can rely on us as a trusted partner. Visit our website to request a quote or give us a call at (619) 751-4032 for any additional questions.